Friesen Hauling and Excavating is a third generation business. One of the first jobs likely involved a team of horses and a sleigh to haul logs out of the bush. These logs would have been loaded and unloaded by hand. Hard work and not being afraid to get dirty has been the foundation of the family business for several generations. Founder, Mr Erwin P Friesen, is still around and is still keenly interested in the activities of the business. He will be turning 98 on July 9th/2014. From those early beginnings, the business evolved from winter logging operations to gravel and topsoil hauling in summer, as well as grain and livestock farming.

In September 1984, son Lauren and wife Emily took over the operation of the business, after having spent a number of years in road construction and minning. From a one man operation, it has grown to employ about a dozen full time year round employees to around 20+ in summer time.